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Date: 17/08/2012

By: Costas

Subject: Re: What do Plan for North African Countries

Dear Dr. B. Fergani,

Let me first thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn something new. I had to look up Maghebian in the dictionary that it mainly refers to Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and sometimes Libya and Mauritania. In Tunisia we have already a very active Section with many chapters. In Morocco we also have an active Section and in Algiers we have a very active Subsection and right now they are moving towards the creation of a Section. The interest in IEEE in the recent years has risen in North Africa by a significant amount.

IEEE is a pioneer in new technologies like Life sciences, Smart Grid, Cloud computing, Transportation Electrification and many others technologies (https://www.ieee.org/about/technologies/index.html) and has set up a special committee working exclusively with these issues, the IEEE Future Directions Committee. All IEEE members have access to these technologies and the latest information through the web. If you prefer face to face meetings IEEE has an extensive list of distinguished lecturers from around the globe that can be contacted directly and arrange a lecture or a seminary in your country (https://www.ieee.org/about/volunteers/tab/distinguished_lecturer_program.html ). In Tunisia we recently had a big conference last April, (Melecon 2012 https://www.melecon2012.org/ ) where there was an extensive scientific exchange and stimulation. If Algeria becomes the newest Region 8 Section, a meeting will be arranged there in order to promote IEEE and meet with local members and stimulate cooperation and scientific exchange.

Finally I would like to tell you that I am open to ideas that you might have concerning the above issues and I urge you to share them with us. We need new ideas and hard working people to make them reality.

Costas Stasopoulos



Costas Stasopoulos

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